Friday, 30 August 2013

Why digital branding is most effective for business?

I know when I have used the word branding everyone thinking about the graphics design work which includes logo design, website design, search engine options (SEO), Social media promotion and marketing materials. Yes, everything is covering in the branding but today I will discuss the digital branding concept with you. 

What is digital branding?
Digital branding is brand engagement with a key focus on communication via the web. A digital branding is what people see on the web especially website, hear from the social marketing, feel means online information regarding your services / product and think about in connection with your name and business.

Today, I have written this post because I had a good discussion with my client who worked in the “online car rental business”. As a recognized branding agency in Ahmedabad, We believe that we need to provide the proper suggestion to them regarding their digital presence or say online presence. I had a few wording with him which is below:

Client I like my website which is very user friendly and easy for user to navigate or gets proper information. I am getting 200+ visits everyday on my website but I could not receive any booking from my website till date as visitors are preferred to call me for booking. I’m getting a lot’s of business but need to manage everything via website e.g. user can register on the site, they getting the SMS alerts, Manager will getting a notify above the new request, system will automatically send the SMS before 15 min time of booking etc. 

iVory - Okay

Client  Now a days, I have targeted the big corporate who will join us so business will expand. Now, my problem is started like when I have a meeting with the corporate at that time I can’t pick up the call so I am losing the visitor / client from the website. Today, I had checked the mobile after my meeting and found that I had missed 18 calls and I have tried to called them and found that they have selected other traveler / company so I have lost my business on this day. Can you please suggest the way how can I manage this situation?

iVory – Yes, it’s a shocking news for us because you’re losing your potential business due to less effective digital online presence. We have seen you website it’s a pretty good as well. Can you please give us a small amount of time so we can study why the customer is not preferred to logged in to site?

Client – Please take your time but we need a 100% solutions.

Now, just amazing that they having a good website but they can’t get much more business because the site can’t give a proper feeling to user to register / booking themselves into the site. If you are facing a problem then iVory Digital Branding Agency is the right destination for your entire problem. iVory having a years of experience to create a digital presence for their valuable clients and having a 100% hit ration in success. 

iVory Web Design is a 360ยบ digital branding agency that helps their client to create an engaging experience that builds online internet presence and branding.

Thanks again your time.